Birds-eye View

Several weeks ago we had a mockingbird build a nest in one of our rose bushes.  Lucky for us, the rose bushes are in front of our living room window and the whole family got a birds-eye view of the cute little chicks as they grew.  Cameron and Caiden loved being able to peek in on the nest daily and loved it even more when the hatchlings finally arrived.  The boys learned a lot about birds nests, eggs, hatchlings, etc. and I thought they did a fairly good job obsorbing all of the information over the weeks but it never failed, every day they would still ask me where the eggs went! 

Today the mother mockingbird was making an exceptional amount of noise and I even noticed the chicks perched on the edge of the nest so I kept my camera nearby just in case.  Good thing I did, look what I caught...

Four chicks in their nest.

"It's getting crowded in here.  Someone is going to have to go!"

"I'll go, wish me luck!"

"Wow, that sure is a big egg!"

Can you see me???

"Hey, where did Geranimo and Tweets go?"

Macon Children's Hospital

For the past week Cameron had some sort of cold virus and on Easter Sunday it took a turn for the worse.  The boys played hard during the day with their new Easter toys, running, swimming and eating candy that by evening time Cameron was starting to wheeze a little bit.  It was a rough night for him and it increasingly became harder for him to breathe.  By 4:30 a.m. we were on our way to the ER.  After two breathing treatments, x-rays and medicines through I.V. the ER doctor discovered that he had a small hole in his right lung.  The ER admitted him to inpatient for 24-hr. observation and Cameron's pediatrician came to the hospital around lunch time to look at his ex-rays.  Cameron's pediatrician found that the air leaking from his lung was collecting around his neck area and you could actually see this in the ex-ray and see the puffiness on the outside of his neck, too.  The pediatrician encouraged us to admit Cameron into The Children's Hospital in Macon for his 24hr. observation because of their specialized pediatric respiratory team.  So off Cameron went on his first Ambulance ride!  I'm pretty sure that he was disappointed they didn't turn the sirens on during his ride to Macon but thankfully it wasn't a life threatening situation so the EMS truck drove the speed limit!  Mommy rode with Cameron in the EMS truck and Daddy and Caiden followed behind!  I'm not sure he remembers much of the ride, he was pretty sick by then and slept most of the way.

From the moment Cameron was admitted to the Children's hospital he was treated like a king.  They had an activities director that brought him any toy, game, movie he could think of.  His doctor didn't give him any dietary restrictions so between meals he filled up on chocolate milk, Popsicles, cookies, and Gatorade.  During his 24hr. stay he had several more breathing treatments and we were shown how to use them at home until his lung heals.

Cameron is doing much better now and is glad to be at home to catch up on sleep.  Here are some pictures of his stay...